North Korea has launched a ballistic missile

North Korea has launched a ballistic missile

We’re going to talk about a country far away called North Korea. Something unexpected happened there, and we’re going to find out what it is. Are you ready?

North Korea : A Flying Object from North Korea

Imagine you have a toy rocket that goes up in the sky. North Korea did something like that, but with a real rocket! They launched a big flying object into the sea, and we’re going to learn more about it.

North Korea has launched a ballistic missile

North Korea : Japan’s Coast Guard Watching

Japan, which is another country nearby, has something called a Coast Guardoast Guard. It’s like having super watchful friends by the sea. They saw the flying object from North Korea’s, and they think it was a special kind of rocket.

North Korea : Where Did the Rocket Land?

Just like when you play with paper airplanes, this rocket went up and then came down into the sea. The rocket flew about 1,000 kilometers – that’s a big number! It’s like when you throw a ball really, really far.

What South Korea Says

South Korea is like a neighbor to North Korea. Their friends, called the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), said the rocket was launched from a place called Pyongyang. That’s like knowing where your friends are when they play with their toys.

Working Together to Understand

When something surprising happens, friends need to work together to understand it better. South Korea, the United States, and Japan are like a team. They are trying to figure out more details about this rocket.

What Time Did It Happen?

The rocket adventure happened around 2:55 p.m. local time on Sunday. That’s like having a special time to play with your friends. But instead of playing, North Korea did something that made everyone curious.

How Far Can the Rocket Go?

The rocket from North Korea’s could go a medium distance. It’s not too close, and it’s not too far – just like when you try to throw a paper airplane to reach a certain spot.

South Korea’s Readiness

When friends are unsure about something, they stay ready, just like South Korea. They are keeping a “full readiness posture,” which means they are watching and waiting to make sure everyone is safe.

Sharing News with Friends

Friends always share important news with each other. South Korea is talking to the United States and Japan, saying, “Hey, did you see what happened with the rocket? Let’s figure it out together!”

Conclusion: Learning about Rockets

So, there you have it, little buddies! North Korea’s surprised everyone by launching a rocket into the sea. Now, friends from different countries are working together to understand what happened. Rockets can be interesting, but it’s essential to play safely and talk to our friends about it.